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Monday, February 3, 2020

Man Narrated his trekking experience in Lagos over Okada Crises.

What a day .
Oshodi 500
Obalende 800

How much is my salary?
I went through hell this morning trying to get a bus to convey me to Eko Hotel from CMS. On a regular day, i take a bus for 100Naira or 150Naira but on getting to the bustop today, it was an eyesore and i eventually paid 500Naira to get to Eko Hotel.

I honestly hope something is done soon to help the masses. A BRT Bus came and upon seeing the kind of crowd at the bustsop, he decided to help and asked us to come in. At the point of payment, the other oficials, said the ticket available was for 250Naira and people began to move backwards because we were already used to paying 100Naira.

He said he only had a ticket for Ajah and he was just going to follow Eko Hotel and drop us off. People couldn't pay and we watched an empty Bus leave the terminal.

Please help us provide BRT busses that will drop us off at Eko Hotel with a ticket we can afford..Help us please cause i'm not sure we can survive this.

Tankers have claimed so many lives in Lagos yet LASG hasn’t even bothered to enforce existing traffic laws that restrict their time of operation.

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