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Monday, February 10, 2020

A Little boy of 9 years old with Calender Dates in his brain.

The boy named,  Olawepo Siju. a class five years old boy,  he is attending Carol School in Lagos,  he has been hailed as calender prodigy who knows the days for date supplied to him,  as far back as the 16 century.

According to the reporter,  this nine-years old boy genius provides corresponding day to any date he is given almost faster than internet search engine.

  This innate ability was first observed by one of his class teachers who noticed that he was always requesting for a plank paper to design calender. later he was seen designing calender for the future without the aids of assistance or existing dates.

This boy Olawepo,  like a soothsayer,  once given a date,  he can tell u the corresponding day of the week. in addition to knowing the dates,  he also doesn't forget any date he knows.
He can tell anybody the particular day of the week he/she was born.
Within seconds, he told the Daily Trust reporter her birthday while he also said Nigeria will be 100 years on Friday, October 1, 2060. He was also quick to say it would be a leap year.

When asked how he came about knowing days with their corresponding dates, the response was, “I just know it. My instinct tells me dates with the corresponding days. It comes naturally to me, I cannot explain how.” Daily Trust gathered from Siju’s computer teacher, Mr David Ugiomoh, that what the boy enjoys doing most is designing calendars.

“He was always coming to my office to ask for plain sheets for designing calendars. I and others in the school initially thought he was copying from an existing calendar until the day he came to my office to design a calendar for the year 2023. When I checked the dates on my phone, I saw that they were all correct,”

“Then I started asking him days for different dates and he was answering correctly. I also asked him for the day to my birthday, which he provided seamlessly.
I was baffled and discovered he was a genius,” he explained. Siju said his future ambition is to become a horticulturist and will plant varieties of flowers.

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