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Friday, January 31, 2020

University graduate Making News for Selling Roasted Plantain In Suit and Tie – Photo

This man is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Sccience and Technology (KNUST) is making waves after being spotted selling plantain by the roadside.

Selling by the roadside does not automatically make his story compelling – but the fact that he goes to work everyday in a suit and tie does.

A social media user who spotted him could not help but take a photo of him and talk to him.

Here’s his story below…

“And to the toils of many Ghanaians with dreams, the father of two is working hard to attain economic independence. ”I am a businessman who is married with four kids and has completed his senior high school and my tertiary education at KNUST successful but with no job I have also submitted my applications to so many company’s in Ghana but none of them offer me a job then,” Agbalenyo Nelson wrote on Facebook.

”I decided creates a job on my own here I am selling plantain at the roadside with all the kind of certificate have my first class in marketing, first in economics, etc, just to take care of my family for it’s my prayer that one day I will get a different job because it was my dream to become a politicians and I strongly believe that my dream must come to past,”

With no employment opportunities around he took matters into his own hands – that’s more than most unemployed graduates are willing to do!

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