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Thursday, September 5, 2019

WOO: Opay Gives 200 Discounts Off Rides In Abeoukuta.

After much deliberation and negotiations on the initial implemented price plans for ORide transactions, please note that below new price has been put into consideration and the implementation kick off with immediate effect for our customer's enjoyment.

Kindly find below as illustrated.

N20 off for a trip above N100
N50 off for a trip above N150
N100 off for a trip above N200
N150 off for a trip above N350
N200 off for a trip above N500 and,
Maximum trip is N600

More clarification on the new prices is as follow.

From N101 to N150 = minus N20
From N151 to N200 = minus N50
From N201 to N350 = minus N150
From N351 to N500 = minus N150
From N500 and above = minus N200
While maximum trip = N600.

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