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Saturday, September 7, 2019

TIPS: Things Ladies Should Have Then You Are Ready For Marriage

The question of what qualifies you for marriage has been a long-standing one. In Nigeria, the focus is more on her physical attributes and housekeeping skills. They focus more on what she can cook, how she looks and how well she can care for the family.

If that is all a lady needs to be married then the average Nigerian lady is ready for marriage because a typical Nigerian girl can at least cook something and do some chores. You shouldn’t bother getting married, you should just employ someone to cook and clean.

As a lady, being beautiful is not enough, you need to have so many other things because it’s a lifetime engagement where you would be in till death do you part. If you don’t prepare before you enter you may feel trapped and that could crash it.

Some things a lady should have before marriage;

1.      A source of income

It’s true that when you marry, your husband is meant to provide for the family but that is an old mentality. No woman should have to depend on her husband for everything she needs.

You should have a plan B just in case he can’t provide. The state of things now is such that the income of the husband may not be enough to cover all the bills and so you should be able to support.

Most of all if something goes wrong and he can’t meet up, you should be able to help out or at least sort yourself out.

2.      An education

Every woman should have an education whether or not you intend to get married. The time of uneducated women just sitting at home is over.

You should able to add to your home mentally. You should be able to understand your kid’s subjects and help out when the need arises. Don’t drop out of school because of marriage if you have the choice. You should go to school and be done before you consider getting married.

3.      A life plan and an ambition

Who says women shouldn’t have their plans and ambitions? Well, they are wrong for saying that. You don’t want to sit at home taking care of the family, you will get bored and feel useless when they all leave the house to school or to their own homes.

You should have what you want to do with your life drawn out, you need to have an ambition and work on it while in marriage. It is good to have it before marriage because in marriage you lose yourself and so it is the plans you have drawn out that will guild you.

4.      A good level of maturity

This is not about the age of the person as age doesn’t determine the maturity of a person. It is more about how a person reacts to things and handles things.

You would be experiencing a lot of change and living with someone who is different from you. You will have to share your life with them and be open to a lot of changes. It’s generally a lot of work and so you should be matured enough to handle it.

There are really no rules that apply to every person that’s why these are just tips that would help in the long journey of marriage.

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