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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

5 Ways To Become A Secondary Virgin

Ladies assume it is ‘Alright’ to tell their new BF’s about the past life before then find out from others.

However, does it really matter?

Absolutely no guy would want to have your history in his mind, some information can be too hard to store. That same information can end up empowering him to do whatever he likes with you.

Below are 5 things I think you can do to be a secondary virgin;

1.  Bag your past sex life

Accept the fact that you had a sex life relationship with a guy or couple of them. The next thing to do after accepting the error is to bag them all and dumped them into a black hole.

2.  Don’t talk about it

He doesn’t want to hear about how your Ex banged you and all that, it annoys and irritates him. They might even think you would end up comparing their performance with that of our Ex.

3.  Don’t mention your favourite sex position, it’s a trap.

When he asks about your favourite sex position or any sex position, don’t be in haste to say it Bam! Once you have accepted that you had a sex life, and haven’t spoken about it, don’t tell him this too.

It makes him think you are new to it all.

4.  Just don’t talk about the Ex who broke your virginity

Guys will mostly want to know what happened on your previous relationship and what led to your breakup but don’t say all.

Say some of the good sides of the guy, bad side, be bold to talk about your mistakes and the lessons you’ve learnt. Sometimes, it's not even necessary.

5.  You are now a Graduate

Before you graduate, understand that you have to pretend to be a virgin, whether you like it or not.

Do this and you have become a virgin to him.

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