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Sunday, September 8, 2019

4 Ways To Secretly Control Your Man

Men are controlling but women are wired to groom and can be too controlling. The problem is when a woman starts treating a man like a baby, nagging him and ordering him to do things.

Be smart about how you approach him, the most important thing is to make him feel like he is still in control while you still get what you want. Never go to a man while hitting your chest because there’s a rare chance he will do it, ask in love, do things in love and control his thoughts

1. Seduce him into doing things

I mean why the hell not? The main point is that you want something from this guy, so the best thing to do is give him a little bit of love then ask him for whatever you want right after giving him some good loving.

2. Make him feel you need him

Men like feeling needed, if a man loves you he will always have this protective streak for you, he will want to provide and make sure you’re safe. Tell him your issues but not like a daughter would tell her father but in a way that makes him feel you’re confident in his solutions. Basically learn to include him in your decisions and see how he will be after that.

3. Ask him nicely.

Will it hurt? Don’t demand things from him because no one likes feeling like they are nagged into doing something. Whenever he does something you have asked give him an incentive like cook him a good meal or just tell him how much you appreciate him, chances are he will always try to please you.

4. Use the punish him technique.

If he doesn’t do what you want then please stop rewarding bad behaviour. If he doesn’t do what you ask and it was something that was important, don’t nag him just keep quiet then do it yourself then tell him that your very close male friend actually did it for you. No man likes competition and if he is okay with it then he is not a real man.

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