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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

3 Good Reasons Not To Fall In Love

Loving someone is one best feeling that you could ever experience because being in love can make you feel as if the world is on stand still.

The feeling is so powerful and can conquer lots of odds . However, being in love can either be fruitful or destructive.

If you ever feel not that you are not ready to fall in love, it is better to never force it.

It is good to always listen to your heart as falling in love does not always turn out to be as beautiful as expected.

Here are some reasons as to why you should not fall in love:

1. You do not have a stable source of income yet

When you engage in a relationship, the possibility of you starting a family are very high.

For that case, one should not fall in love when he or she is financially unstable as starting a family is expensive.

2. You are not ready for commitment

Being in a relationship needs one to be ready for commitment.

However, when one is not ready for this, he or she should avoid falling in love until the right time comes.

3. You only know a little about the person

Falling for strangers is common with most people.

However, it is risky allowing yourself to fall in love totally when you know nothing about that particular person.

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