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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Zakzaky and his missions in Nigeria

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (shi'ite) Which was declared terrorist group by the court recently. The group which was head by Zakzaky who has been detained some years ago. Here is their missions in Nigeria.

 Anyway, give a dog a bad name to hang him. For the records.

Zakzaky has two case. One against federal government and second against Kaduna state govt
 The court cases are concurrent. That is, he has been attending to two courts on different matters.

The one against federal govt (COAS matter) is in federal high court abuja while in Kaduna he was charged for criminal conspiracy and about three other offences
 It was the federal high court in 2016 that granted him bail against the case in abuja.

 He has been in Kaduna prison and always been transported to abuja for the case against federal govt
The court in Kaduna didn't grant him bail against the cases on kaduna
So, after the bail in abuja, he was returned back to Kaduna prison. 

So, its not buhari that keeps him in custody
 If u really know the zakzaky movement, u will never support his release.

 This government is trying to avoid anything that will give zakzaky access to Iranian government. And am sure, Nigeria is not ready to battle war with iran
Before his arrest, zakzaky already declare himself as a president. 

He appointed governors in all state of the federation. He has his own army, flag, anthem etc.
 Am sure u don't know the zakzaky governor of Lagos state. I know the governor of kaduna.

 Flash Back

Most people in Nigeria do not recollect that,Late Sanni Abacha detained,El-Zakky Zakky for 3 years from 1995-98.The  millitary regime then claimed that he was a security risk.

His sect was said to be planning to introduce an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary system in to Nigeria.He was later released after much pleading from the civil rights activist and other well meaning people in Nigeria and abroad.

He disguise under Islamic movement. An organisation not register with CAC, no constitution,
Youths are his target. He preach mut'ah to his followers, a doctrine that declared that u can have sex with any of the member provided u pay even if is 200naira (advance prostitition)

 If u look at his followers, they are youth, he uses mut'ah to lure them and from Iranian funding, give them money for wheoever accept to engage in mutah
Before his arrest, he took over the whole area of gelesu in Zaria. 

Took over the whole community, by driving the owners of the building, a complete community
All these were going on under Jonathan govt, he couldn't do anything cos of fear of another book haram and Iranian govt attack
All his children are in Iran and Syria
His first child is studying medicine, second child a daughter studying auroenautic engineering
His third son was killed unfortunately in the coaz attack in Zaria, he came for holiday
During Jonathan era, they grew wings to the extent, whenever they want to have possession, from kano to Zaria through the federal road, they will block the kano- Kaduna road for 4days.

They will tell govt to try and stop them
 His governor in Kaduna already took over the government secondary school in zango, Kaduna state alongside some buildings around the school, drove all the owners away
 Which they did against coas after buhari became president and met military resistance
He is being charged with unlawful gathering, criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide punishable with death.

Why do we think he should be given bail? Is it cos he is zakzaky and above the law?
We don't verify matters. We act on Nigeria media, the worst media in the world.

Our major problem is media and unfortunately, social media is not helping us.

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