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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Under Age Voting in Nigeria (see photos)

Despite the symposium and several awareness towards Electoral Malpractice in the last General Election Held in Nigerian. Election which was scheduled to take place in February 23rd and March 9th 2019. 

Unfortunately postponed by the National Electoral Commission (INEC). 
The President and National Assembly should  take place on February 23rd, and the Second casting to come up March 9. 

But at the very Night of February 22nd Around 11:30pm when must responsible Nigerian must have been on bed the Commission Chairman Prof,  Muhmud Yakub,  announced the postponement of the election, with logistics reasons. The Elections was later shifted with two weeks  respectfully.

 With all efforts of the National Electoral Commission (INEC), against all sorts of electoral malpractice was turn down by the some politician and citizens as well

A local governments in Sokoto State were,  Under aged Election was rampant, report from a source with his name won't be mention said,  He was a NYSC member post as a PO in this polling centre, he further said, all his efforts to deny this people to vote were all in Vain, he reported to the police and also reported to the collation officer but unfortunately this polling unit was not among the cancelled centre. 

The Corps Member said, he was threaten to be killed if he deny them of voting but 70%  population of this people were under age.

This occurred in must villages in all local governments in sokoto.  The Local government of concerned was BODINGA TAUMA word in Sokoto. 

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