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Monday, July 15, 2019

Tips to stop people adding you on whatsapp groups

Just in a  few weeks WhatsApp proclaimed  a feature that enables you to stop others from adding you to cluster conversations while  you are not aware.

The feature is currently rolling out globally on each iOS and Smart phone FINALLY.

Here’s the ways you will be able to change it:

Open WhatsApp on your phone, and attend Settings > Accounts > Privacy.

Tap on teams or groups and choose the choice that suits you best. The primary  one can prompt the user adding you to first send asking that you should  approve:

–No one  (this stops people from associating  from adding you to a group while not  invitation)

– My contacts (only your contacts will add you to a group without  an invitation)

– Anyone (Anyone will add you to a bunch while not an invitation)

If you value your privacy, you will want to select any of the first two options. Go, live your life free of shitty WhatsApp group chats, and prosper.

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