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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tips to Guarantee First impression

Many things in life there is always a hack and a way to make it working for you. But, the first impression matters matter most and who you are on day one maybe who you are forever. However, you can be deliberate about the first impression you give to people.

Then you believe day one matter, there are ways to give someone the best out of you. Something general that gives a good impression to everyone.

Tips you should take for a good first impression as we all no good impression matter most.

1.Dress Formal

Then are looking good physical people will welcome you. People believe that anyone who takes their time to look good in public is most likely a good person. Sometimes your dressing will make you score an A.

Mostly, meeting people for the first time, what draw their attention towards you talking to them and get to know them is not their heart or their character because you can’t see all that on day one. What takes you to them is how they look physically. So be well dress it helps.

2.Speak with respect

Talking to people is very important,  very easy and smoothly with language you speak is also important. No matter how well dressed you are, when you sound like very stupid and illiterate, you would forever be seen that way and that impression can't be change, this is very important please.

Stop pretending not trying to copy another person accent, just speak the English you know well. Use small words and things that you know. How you speak is very important if someone is going to talk to you.

3. Don't Talk too Much

No one really likes a loquacious or talk too much, No one likes people who blather. There’s a huge chance that they won’t want to talk to you or that you would give off a bad impression if you talk too much.

You should minimize what you say, reduce the information you give out on the first meet. People don’t like talkative people because they don’t look like people who can keep secrets. They seem loose and no one wants to be friends with people who can’t keep their mouth shut when they should.

4. Drink and Eat Responsibility

People seeing you for the first time shouldn't see you like broker or poor. You don’t want people seeing you for the first time and feel like you don’t have manners or like you don’t have self control or discipline.

Eating too much you look like as if you are not that normal, that’s not a good first impression. Get foods that are easy to eat and won’t mess you up. Also, you shouldn’t drink much, you don’t want to be drunk on your first meet.

5. Smiling

 Smiling  says all is well. It tells  people they are highly welcome and that you are not a sad person or terrible person. Most of all a smile is a beautifying agent. Don’t frown your face all the time. Stay normal and when you meet someone smile often. It’s good for you all around.

It is very important you work on the things that people can see on day one. Things that are physical and external. You shouldn’t focus on having a good character or knowing how to cook and all other things that people don’t see right away.

People should take this things very important and are good only if people see it and they won’t see it if they already have a bad impression of you from day one.

There are other things you can do that are not mention here.

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