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Sunday, July 14, 2019

New Updates on N-power programme - Rotimi Imoukhuede

New updates on N-power programme.

Since the commentment of the n-power programme that centre for the social investment programme the Federal Government is not owning any beneficiaries since December  1st, 2016. The presidentcy has declared that they have spend the sum about of over N279 billion for their monthly stipend since December 1st  2016 till present. 

The N-Power programme was headed by the senior special Assistant  to the Vice president on Job creation and youth employment matter, this  programme is one of the leading programme introduced under the Muhammadu Buhari administration which was gear towards job creations and poverty alleviation. 

Mean while the presidency had been paying N30,000 stipends to 500,000 beneficiary national wide since the introduction of the programme since 2016.

According to the Senior Special Assistance to the vice president  Rotimi  Imoukhuede he said,  the first batch of the beneficiaries were 200,000 in which  they earn N180 billion in 30 months since December 2016, with the N6 billion  every month.

He further said that supplementary N9 billion monthly bill was paid from August 2018 to June 2019 totaling N99 billion for the second batch of 300,000 youths under the N-Power programme.

According to him, “It is very  small when talking about amount that has been invested. I am saying that in Batch 1, they started earning from December 2016, so roughly we invest N72 billion annually just for Batch 1 alone. That is aside from the gadgets that they get and aside from from all the sponsored trainings that they get.

More over,  all they N-Agro, the health workers were all trained well and are sponsored by the federal agencies, also the ministry of agriculture and ministry of health.   

“But since August last year, the stipends bill moved from N6 billion to N15 billion because it’s now 500,000 of them that earn N30,000 monthly. We have been on N15 billion for almost one year because by end of July it will be one year that we have been making that investment every month.

“So if you put it together that just tells you how much investment we have made and like I have said, we don’t owe anyone because the money is paid directly to them not through a proxy.”

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